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Mary Kirillova

CEO, Baltic Event Industry Club
Founder, Baltic For Events Forum

Please tell us about the kind of role that events have played in your career. For example, have you personally been an event organiser, orderer, speaker, or trainer?

I used to work as a customer as well as an event organizer myself. Probably, my path started in childhood. Both of my parents are teachers at the Academy of Theater Arts, so part of my childhood was spent among actors and behind the scenes of St. Petersburg theaters. And although initially I planned to stay in science, my studies were always connected with the history of theater.It so happened that I became involved in organizing events that were theatrical performances with the participation of various artists. Then I began working in the Bonnier Business Press holding, so the opportunity arose to learn the features of business events. And then life pushed me towards a more ambitious project - the creation of a platform for communication between event professionals all over the Baltic Sea Region - the Baltic For Events Forum.

What kinds of things draw your attention at events?

For me, this is a special business. It seems to me that event organizers are incredibly intellectual professionals whose task is to deliver business messages with the help of art. Event organizers are like a special kind of journalist. They are able to explain any brand and brand objectives with the help of emotions. And what are emotions, if not a response to the resonance of the best that is in us?

What are your expectations with regard to Evento Awards?

Finland’s special territorial position has made it a kind of bridge between Scandinavia and Eastern Europe historically. The interesting mix of cultures and the Finns' authenticity is reflected in this country's worldview. That is why events in Finland are special. Finnish management is unique. That's why it is so important to understand what wonderful projects can appear at the crossroads of different cultures, and how this mix can give a rise to something unique.