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Sjoerd Weikamp

Please tell us about the kind of role that events have played in your career. For example, have you personally been an event organiser, orderer, speaker, or trainer?

  • After studying Journalism and Communication Science I roled into a chief editorship at Reed Business' eventmarketingmagazine. After a couple of years we started our own mediaplatform in the industry of eventmarketing and live communication. And as we practice what we preach: our multimedia platform has 15 own event per year. These events vary from networkevents, congresses, a beachparty for eventprofs to the Gouden Giraffe Event Awards, the award show for the Dutch eventindustry. Next to that I am a speaker about trends and developments in the eventmarketing and live comm. industry.

What kinds of things draw your attention at events?

  • The absolute power of live comm. and eventmarketing: with a creative and overwhelming eventconcept, where all decisions and choices are made with a purpose: to create the biggest possible impact in the targetgroup. So my attention is drawn by those events that show what we are capable of on a creative and innovative point of view, in direct combination with the effect and impact.

What are your expectations with regard to Evento Awards?

  • I am realy curious how Finnish (Scandinavian) people give there own twist to eventthings. Because of your own sense of humour and the fact you are wellknown for your businesses, my expectation is that during the cases/pitches I will have a good laugh in combination with surprisingly strong effects and impacts.

What kinds of things would you like the participants to pay special attention to when preparing their applications?

  • Take me with you in your 'eventtravel': startingpoint (was there a specific problem, goal, etc?) and the target/goal the event had on paper. Then explain why you made some choices, why the concept was perfect for the objectives and goals and the at the end: what was the effect/impact? Oh and show me your creativity and how that empowered your impact/effect.